Exos heroes reddit guide

What are the best top-tier hero characters in the Exos Heroes global version? If you are new to the game, then you might be wondering what are the best ones that can deliver victories in all sort of PvE and PvP game modes. Also, we have shared a tier list of 4-star legendary heroes that can deliver victories in PvE and PvP.

You might want to read the reroll guide here first to get one of these top-tier heroes at the beginning of the game. Or check out these Exos Heroes codes for free Xes. Here is the Exos Heroes tier list global October featuring the best, good, and average heroes: —. You can read about Bathory here. You can read about Rachel here. You can read about Garff here. You can read about Shufraken here. You can read about Jinai here. You can read more about Rudley here. Check out the Exos Heroes codes.

Read this reroll guide and you can grab one of these best characters in selective summon. You can read about Uloom here. These are the average-tier heroes that can do good in early to mid-game but would not help you much in the late game.

Uloom can do well if paired with Bathory. So this would be all in this Exos Heroes legendary 4-star tier list featuring the best 4-star heroes. Update — we will continue to update the tier list with recent tier ratings — based on the global version. Enabled comments. You can share your valuable feedback in the comments.April 28, - YuushaExa 0 0.

Exos Heroes Tips: Cheats & Guide for Those who Want to Play Better

Walk on World Map. Collect over heroes with unique character designs, and enjoy the awesome play with powerful Fatecore. Not confirmed for now. Tier List Taken from reddit. Each hero has 1 Protection stone with one of elements above.

This can be changed with Zes In game currency. You can break this protection stone by attacking with same element type hero. For example, if your Bathory has Nature protection stone, any nature type hero will "break" her.

Summon system. For total of spend, you can get 1 free Rare or above hero summon ticket. You also get 1 Myu for 11 attempt. Myu is used for Skin upgrade. There are some hero that cannot be summoned through this system, though. You can get exodiums from expeditions and dailies. You can select the continent for the summon, and only hero from the continent can be summoned. For example, if you choose Greenland, you cannot summon any heroes outside the Greenland. We normally do not waste our sunstone on this summon.

From here, you have some chance to get rare heroes. For every 15 legendary hero fusing, you can get 1 ticket to summon rare legendary heroes. For every 5 attempt on unique hero fusing, you can get 1 ticket to summon rare unique heroes. Will discuss about rare heroes later. Each attempt is Zes, and you can summon 10 heroes each attempt. Every summon will be deducted from pools, which means you have better chance of pulling rare heroes as you attempt.

If you are lucky, you can summon those rare heroes within 10 attempt Tags: android global ios line games.Exos Heroes is a South Korean, 3D turn-based mobile gacha RPG, that was originally released in and is scheduled to be released globally. The game is set in a fantasy world that is made up of five kingdoms and the story follows a treasure hunter called Zeon who gets wrapped up in a murder case after the Emperor is killed and their legendary sword is stolen.

There are over heroes to collect to make up your team with, all with unique character designs and special skills which bring you a new gameplay experience every time you play. Gameplay will involve daily dungeons, monster raids, scenario quests and PvP.

Exos Heroes Guides

Check out our Exos Heroes Guide to pre-register and view the official trailer for the game. Because they are both difficult to roll, there are other helpful heroes that will be sufficient to get you through the story line and some PVP.

Baraka is considered an offensive hero because his type, Chaotic is both offensive and defensive. If you roll a hero under Talia, it is highly recommended that you should reroll again until you have a higher tier hero. Each star represents 15 levels a hero can achieve. This means a 1 star hero can only get up to a max of level 15 while a 5 star hero can get all the way to level Once a Hero reaches their max level, they can advance even further using special means and dragon raids.

This is a number to easily figure out which hero is generally the most powerful. But pay attention to skills as well. Be careful about looking at just stars and CP. When building a squad, passive and active abilities of each hero should be considered and energized for maximum winning capabilities. In addition, a strong Tank and Support type hero is crucial for getting past elite content. You can only get up to a maximum of a Rare 3 star Heroes this way.

A 11 attempt also gets players 1 Myu, which is used for Skin upgrades. If you choose 11 attempts, you are guaranteed at least one 4 star Heroes or above. For Zes, you get 1 unique 5 star Hero ticket. Many people will say that 1 roll has better chances of getting a 5 star, however i believe that it is all up to RNG and it is not worth it letting go of an extra 70 zes when you can get 1 free extra roll for zes.

Exos Heroes Coupon Codes (October 2020)

For 10 Exodiums you get one roll. Using this technique, you can select a prefered continent for the summon and only heroes from the continent can be summoned.Started playing Exos Heroes and wondering what are the coupon codes to get free Xes? Read on for Exos Heroes coupon code to redeem now for Xes. Following is the list of Exos Heroes Coupon code that players can redeem and get rewards — working in October —.

Code no. By this Exos Heroes code, players can get around x or x Xes. Last tried on September 18, By this Exos Heroes code, players can get around x or x Xes in their mailbox. Issued in August Update — Expired now. Players can redeem these codes by visiting the official website of Line Games. There you will need to select the server and then enter the airship name in lower case letters.

Airship name is the name that you added in the game. It would be in the bottom-left corner of the game screen. Or keep looking at this page from time to time for the latest working codes. Note — these are not the cheat codes. These are legit Exos Heroes code to receive free rewards including the valuable currency of the game. You can use coupon code only once. If you have more codes to share, please do share in the comments below. Do you love playing mobile games?

Check Out — Best mobile games. Do you have any suggestions? Submit Here. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Got it! Signatureforce Code no. Last tried on September 18, Exos Code no. Last tried on September 18, Heroes Code no. Click to Copy.Get the new gift code and redeem free items.

Step 2. We will keep update this list and will add whenever the new codes are released, so make sure to bookmark this page. Become the Airship captain and feel the vast world! Join the ancient dragon Bitru and treasure hunter Zeon in this original RPG Experience this fascinating story unfold before your eyes.

exos heroes reddit guide

World-map with freedom! Experience the unique contents of Exos, the original RPG on mobile! Thrilling skill actions! Experience the true fun of turn-based game through strategic battles! Illustrations of beautiful characters, and the fantasy world of magnificent landscapes.

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Next Post. Roblox Shinobi Life 2 Codes October Rocket League Codes October Guardian Tales Coupon Code October About us Privacy Policy.Every hero in a battle belongs to a specific element.

Once all stones have been removed, the enemy hero will be stunned for 7 turns and take double final damage. They will also suffer an additional effect, depending on the element. Enemy guardian stones will appear next to their health bar and will be glowing if you have a hero that can attack it with the same element. Gold is a limited currency and very important for progression in Exos Heroes. It can be used for many different things, such as upgrading gear and heroes.

This is the premium currency of the game. It can be used for a variety of different things, including summoning heroes and gear. The most optimal use of Xes is usually the fatecore banner when there is a strong hero on it. The String of Creation can also be really good as well if you want to target a specific hero, however you can get pretty unlucky.

Premium summons with making use of the mileage is also a good option. The only thing you generally should never do with Xes is to summon gear.

This can be acquired from challenges. The best source of Xes apart from buying it is from completing the main story and achievements.

This can be obtained from dissembling gear and heroes. It can then be spent at the Exchange shop, located in the Airship. A good tactic is to disassemble all Rare Blue and lower gear, then purchase Legendary Purple gear from the Exchange shop. This is the best source of Fatecores. This is the regularly banner for heroes. You can choose one fatecore hero and it will be added to a pool of mostly useless heroes, there are some fated ones however. This means that eventually the fatecore hero will be guaranteed to get summoned.

However, if unlucky it could cost up to 35k Xes.Exos Heroes is a brand new story rich RPG for mobile that tries to revolutionize the genre and deliver more than your regular experience. It is interesting to see Exos Heroes launched at about the same time with Hero Cantare — a similar RPG in terms of approach story rich, amazing graphics, high depth.

But enough praising the game! Unlike most games out there, Exos Heroes makes it easy for you to get a really high quality character early on. It does this by allowing you to reroll over and over again until you are happy with your results. This will only happen once in the game, after completing the tutorial the Prologueso you should take advantage of this and really select a top quality hero. Even then, you should be picky and make sure that you choose one of the best heroes in the game.

No point in doing it otherwise. You can check out our guide to rerolling in case you need help deciding or making it through this stage. So instead of fighting against an entire team and spreading your damage among all characters, focus on taking them one by one. Of course, I am not talking here about not using skills that attack multiple enemies — those are great to have and you should definitely use them.

But do focus your attacks on a single enemy, then another and so on. Makes your job of winning a lot easier. This basically allows your heroes to stun opponents when they attack them for the first time, if the elemental conditions are met. If an enemy has multiple stones, they can be broken multiple times — and the elements can vary. Once you discover their element, it will always remain visible.

exos heroes reddit guide

This is a rally interesting gameplay mechanic that took me a while to understand, but hopefully things are clear now for everybody. Your main focus, especially early on, should be that of completing the main story.

exos heroes reddit guide

Or at least getting as far ahead as possible. Not only that this will help your heroes level up fast, but it will also get you accustomed to the battle mechanics and, equally important, will unlock more areas and features in the game. Except for the top hero that you get in the game thanks to the rerolling mechanic that we have talked about earlier, most of the other heroes will become worthless sooner rather than later. Even the heroes that you might need for completing the story will soon become obsolete and you will be running ideally with 5 and 6 star heroes only.

Also, always start by working on your best hero and then move down to the worst, as you might unlock a new and better one in the process. The idea here is to always try to optimize resource consumption in order to get the most out of it to progress faster.

Eventually, you will unlock various dungeons in Exos Heroes. These are going to become your main focus, as they will have better rewards and help you level up your team faster. Since all the things that you can do in this game need a lot of time due to the tons of bells and whistles and animations and whatnot, you should always start the game day by completing the dungeons — or any other activities that you must get done daily.

One of these daily activities has to be completing the daily quests. There are tons of rewards to be had here and you should not avoid them.

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