Kdx 200 fork swap

Take off the front wheel and swap the fork tubes. Looking to get 00 Text or call anytime The good -New piston and rings.

kdx 200 fork swap

Easy on the bod for woods play. Don't even think about sumo'ing. New fork boots. Stiffer fork springs are recommended if you weigh over pounds. Use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers for best results. Something light and nimble.

The KTM two-stroke is considered the greatest off-road bike of our time. The fork has been shortened to get the same size as the original KDX fork. New grips. Even though to models may use the same bearings it does not always mean a swap can be made. Ads are free. So finally got the KDX hybrid that I've been searching for years. Fits your Kawasaki KDX Kawasaki service manuals sometimes utilize this build-on-earlier models method when two models are similar to each other.

The biggest draw back is the less than stellar suspension, mainly the conventional forks. Kawasaki carted a group of worldwide offroad journalists to Idaho in to introduce their new baby—the KDX Phone Speaking of which on the Canadian and American models, the US got the WR in about which was offroad only while Canada got the same bike with all the needed lighting equipment as a DTR.Privacy Terms.

Quick links. Welcome to kdxrider. We have many threads on conversions. Which model KX are you talking about? Basically, you will need to buy: forks triple clamp KX front wheel KX brake caliper KX front brake hose or just get a complete KX front brake system Basically, it is not a fork swap, but a whole front end swap. There are a ton of threads on here about this step, which is the trickiest step in the whole process.

kdx 200 fork swap

Thank you for participating on kdxrider. To post pictures from a device: viewtopic. On the stem, it is pressed downward to get it out of the lower clamp. A hydraulic press is required, probably over ten ton press. A small torch can heat the aluminum a little to help ease it apart. If you think you are going to reuse that bearing, make an aluminum foil shield, multi-layered.

Measure the OD of the stem where it sets inside the triple clamp. If they are not exactly the same, the fit won't be the same. If you keep going, it will shatter the clamp. It only goes one way.

You will need a knowledgeable machinist to do it. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 3 guests.These bikes were largely unchanged for the entire run. Early ones were made in Japan and later ones in Thailand, but I never noticed any difference in quality or materials with the change.

KDX Files - Back From The Dead

If anything, the units from Thailand were greased a little better. This model was even Dirt Rider 's Bike of the Year one time, thanks to the outstanding value, good performance and amazingly low price.

That would be for a new unit. The perimeter-framed generation of KDX was a little more performance-oriented and a solid-handling bike, and the conventional fork design kept it from being too rigid for woods. Some owners have reported 25, miles on the stock top and bottom end; you will only get life like that if the engine never, ever eats any dirt.

Regardless, these bikes hold up well. Condition is much more important to price than the year of the bike. The would be expected to be the better model, but milder cylinder machining and a smaller carburetor ensure that the has good roll-on torque though it is actually slower than the Buyer Beware Look carefully at the condition of the bike. Since these bikes were inexpensive and near bulletproof, many are ridden into the ground.

Look out for all the chassis and wheel bearings, but especially the lower shock bearing in the linkage rocker arm.


If the bearing goes bad, the slop can ruin the rocker. Some will pass dirt between the air filter mounting ring and the intake boot. Remove the plastic cage from the airbox, and clean the parts well.

There is a groove on the back side of the mounting ring. Clean it well, then run a bead of silicone around it. That should ban dirt from the intake. Replacing it with Guts seat foam will help bring back the stock feel. A one-piece top handlebar clamp helps.

1995-2006 Kawasaki KDX200 / 1997-2005 KDX220 - Used Bikes - Dirt Rider Magazine

FRP is looking into having a more durable one soon. FRP has a replacement that lasts longer. If you buy a even newtake it apart and replace the stock piston with a Wiseco.

kdx 200 fork swap

When doing a top end, hold the KIPS actuating shaft when you tighten or loosen the nut that holds the top of the rod to the power valve. It is a left-hand thread, and if you don't hold it tight, it can break off a hardened pin in the bottom end that will damage the engine. KIPS parts hold up well if you keep them clean.

Mix the oil at the ratio the oil manufacturer recommends and not what it says on the bike.By jeff fredettefredette racing products. You just don't need that much brake on a 75 HP bike. I was beginning to wonder about fork bushings for all years and for KX Looking to get 00 Text or call anytime The good -New piston and rings.

Re-MX, Inc. The biggest draw back is the less than stellar suspension, mainly the conventional forks. Fits your Kawasaki KDX Race tech springs for a lb rider. We would be interested to see the results of a carb swap but time did not permit this. Take off the front wheel and swap the fork tubes. Fmf pipe and silencer. We modify your stock KDX axle and supply a special axle nut, new wheel spacer. I wouldn't even bother with the KTM ; overkill. In my opinion yes. Trending at 9. This out of balance conditions It also got a fork swap except I used 01 KX forks.

KDX to KX front end conversion - Complete!

At idle both models report almost identical compression ratios but as rpm builds the comes out. Put the axle mounts behind the fork tubes. I had a Kawasaki Bighorn that had forks that allowed you to change the axle position. None of us has done this before but wanna learn, the previous owner put in race tech springs along with race tech emulators and was pounds. On many previous front end conversions, people have mentioned that they have swaped out the KDX rear shock for a KX one that's a tad longer.What's new Latest activity.

What's new. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. PW50 start switch Latest: chopperchriss Oct 4, Yamaha Mini. Latest: Rich Rohrich Oct 3, Kawasaki 2-Strokes.

Vintage Motorcycle Rebuilds. Suzuki 2-Strokes. RM 80 oil capacity Latest: Mully Sep 28, New Member? Go here first. Why does my front brake drag? Latest: Mully Sep 24, Dirt Bike Brands - Other.

Crfr vs r Latest: Rich Rohrich Sep 18, Rm died while riding havnt been able to start since? Sticky tree sap or something on my helmet Latest: brithgob Sep 16, Husqvarna 2-Strokes. Joined Oct 29, Messages Likes 0. I finished putting a KX front end on my '03 last night. I can't say enough good things about Skipro3.

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Kdx220 fork swap

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kdx 200 fork swap

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