Uca cheer music

Creating professional cheer and dance mixes for your schools or clients has become more than just knowing how to slice and layer effects. Navigating complicated music licensing regulations can stop you dead in your tracks and put you at risk, along with your school or clients. The team at Yes! Music have created a way to easily obtain a Master License to use any of our recordings in your cheer and dance competitions. We also provide elements like isolated vocal and instrumental versions so you can isolate and accentuate exactly what you want to create drama and excitement.

Once you pay your Master License Fee, you receive the full master recording in uncompressed wav format and as a bonus you are eligible to receive the clean vocal performance and instrumental mix so you can utilize different variations of the recording to fit your cheer routine.

If the song is older than 10 years, there is a good chance we will not be able to provide the vocal performance, but we will dig deep on those to make sure you have all that we have. Use your credits as you wish and save! As the owners of the recordings, our master license to you grants the right you need to be able to mix and edit our recording.

Your single use license grants you the right to edit and mix the recording with other licensed recordings for 1 client, for 1 school cheer or dance mix. No royalties are due to us for the copies you need to make to distribute to your client. Set up your account today and start browsing and downloading the music you need to create your next winning mix.

This is a one-time license to use the recordings for 1 cheer or dance team production. This is not an honor system. Your purchase is logged and new music licensing requirements will require proof of license for the music you use at a competition. Remember, you have no rights to commercially distribute these recordings, in part or in entirety, or as part of any remix. You are simply being issued a Master License to our master recordings complete with the right to edit such recordings for the limited purpose of publicly performing such recordings in connection with specific cheer and dance events.

Toggle navigation. Please update your information. Are you a coach purchasing music assets for your editor? Yes No. Are you an editor purchasing music asssets to edit for a client? Welcome to Unleash the Beats! The 1 source of cheer and dance music for public use. Why Unleash the Beats? What will I get?Log in or Sign up.

Nca Vs. Hey yall, I'm an allstar cheerleader and I also cheer for my high school squad. Help please! NCA has an allstar style routine whereas UCA has a more 'clean' high school style routine with no jumps or dance. Emily JaneJun 18, A UCA routine is with the music portion Each squad must perform a cheer in their routine most squads do their cheer in the middle of the routine. An NCA routine is and music is required for all of the routine.

In the prelims, squads perform a 45 second crowd segment where they perform a cheer, but are only allowed to perform shoulder stands, hands, extension preps, full downs, and chairs. Kentucky GirlJun 18, Shimmy x 1 List.

Thank You so much! Thats helps alot! I checked out College Cheer Guide but I feel like they dont have everything on teams on there cause Louisville isn't even listed! Hey, College Cheer Mum!

uca cheer music

What school is your daughter going to this fall? Kentucky GirlJun 19, University of Memphis! Excited to be Tiger fans. Fullride scholarship! AussiekatJun 20, The most amazing experience a cheer mum could ever imagine She is excited and nervous, but has made some great friends already.

I watched her SFA tryout video on youtube when I first started cheerleading, she inspired me to try partner stunting and I fell in love with it. She's got such a great attitude, amazing skills and the end of her team USA tryout vid was pretty funny.

Good luck! Kentucky has full scholarships for cheerleaders who make the blue squad. Kentucky GirlJun 20, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Anyone can build a cheer mix with 8CountMixer. Drag-and-drop songs, sound effects and voice overs onto an 8-count sheet, and press play to hear it instantly! Start My Mix! Browse our budget-friendly library of cheer mixes and download your favorite instantly! These mixes can also be customized with voice overs.

Let us create something specific for your team with our 10 vocalists and multiple producers. Life-changing stuff; you'll never go back to your previous music. CheerSounds is a group of music producers and engineers who love creating insanely high energy cheer music. Lead by Carmine Silano, the team works every week of the year except Christmas! Each candidate is held up to the talents of any other producer in the music industry. They are tested on production knowledge, relative pitch, theory and efficient workflow.

Forget about part-time cheer coaches cutting up iTunes songs. We're here to create music. In addition to serving coaches and gym owners, CheerSounds licenses original compositions and cover recordings to may other cheer music providers through its online platform, SongsForCheer. We are born from cheerleading, music production, and software lots of it! This combination gives us the ability to create a unique approach to cheer music production, particularly the ability for coaches to build their own music without having prior knowledge about music editing or licensing.

we are a usa cheer approved and certified music producer

The problem we unanimously saw was that cheer music was not matching the performance happening on stage. We were watching an exciting routine but listening to radio remixes. It didn't make sense to us; the industry should have its own type of music that fits the unique qualities of a cheer routine. Sincewe've built an unusually diverse team of producers, editors and software developers and customer service reps!

We built the resources to create any song or sound we need, and we built the system to distribute it. Now, we can finally merge our ideas into your choreography. Our build-your-own-mix platform, 8CountMixer, is the worlds' only online cheer mix builder, and it's chock-full of millions of dollars of cheer remixes.

It's the only platform that allows you to instantly hear your cheer mix edits from your phone! There's the whole copyright compliance thing, too, but we won't bore you with those details. I have not stopped listening to the music since you sent it to me. I am absolutely in LOVE with it.Already a subscriber? Log In. Over the years, the World Cup Shooting Stars have turned their routines into entertaining performances through their creative themes. Because of their memorable musicality and out-of-the-box choreography, they've earned multiple Senior Level 5 All Girl world championship titles, including this past year!

While we're patiently awaiting the Shooting Stars to reveal their new theme forlet's take a trip down memory lane and remember past themes.

Dance Fake Love

From the Lady Gaga banner to the infamous red jacket, it's time to relive the routines that made fans fall in love with the Jersey Girls. The Latin theme was one of the first of many Shooting Stars themes that would always be remembered.

From the Latin fever songs in the music to the red flowers, the Latin theme made a bold statement! InWorld Cup let everyone know that they were ready to bring back the girls. In this routine, the Shooting Stars used their music and difficult skills to let everyone know that they were hungry to be victorious. The music opened with what became one of the most infamous voice overs. Big girls don't cry, but the Shooting Stars did when they won worlds in with a theme that let everyone know where they came from.

The music from this routine consisted of songs from the s boy band The Four Seasons. The journey of the four-man band was later created into a movie and broadway show, Jersey Boys. To fully emulate the Jersey Boys, one of the seniors, Jordan, surprised the crowd with a red Jersey Boys jacket! Jordan wearing the iconic red jacket. Who could ever forget when the little monsters took the mat and opened with the "World Cup Shooting Stars are Gaga" banner followed by a kick-full kick-full basket.

The routine of all Lady Gaga songs made another lasting impression on fans and judges! When the music rules changed during the season, the Shooting Stars used it to their advantage through all original dance themed music.

This was one of the most entertaining routines to come from the Shooting Stars because of their one-of-a-kind music. Let's be honest: it was so legendary, iconic, and absolutely stunning that they won worlds! Get the best competitive cheerleading news straight to your inbox.

With the world is still suffering from the effects of the COVID pandemic, all star gyms and studios are being forced to make a tough decision. Wait out the storm or end their season so they can start fresh with their teams when this is all over.

While we are a little bummed to not be in Daytona watching some of our favorite collegiate teams compete on the bandshell this week, we are thankful we got to watch some of them take the spring floor throughout the all star season. With the way things are in the world right now, we might not be able to gather with our team or practice in our gyms, but that won't stop us from doing what we love most.

uca cheer music

It's April and this time last year All Star dance teams were grinding it out in their studios to put the finishing touches on their routines before heading to Orlando. Running out of shows to binge-watch on TV?

No worries, FloCheer is here to help! The College STUNT National Championship might not be happening this season, but that won't stop us from reminiscing on all the incredible memories from the year before. While athletes are stuck at home and out of practice, the USASF has come up with a way to keep them connected, positive, and of course in All Star shape! Do you have a lot of time on your hands during the Coronavirus season? Lucky for you, FloCheer is here to help fill your quarantine schedule with fun and exciting content!

Create a free account to unlock this article! LatinCha Cha Cha! Jersey Boys Big girls don't cry, but the Shooting Stars did when they won worlds in with a theme that let everyone know where they came from. Lady Gaga Who could ever forget when the little monsters took the mat and opened with the "World Cup Shooting Stars are Gaga" banner followed by a kick-full kick-full basket.

Apr 10, Leanza Pieroni. Unlock this article, live events, and more with a subscription!If you still have problems, or any questions, please let us know, by sending an email to Info CheerCutz. Thank you! Never worry if your music is legal to use. It's easy to order your cheerleading music mixes from us.

From the person that is super detailed on what they want their custom mix, to someone that just wants premade cheerleading music, let us do what we do.

For custom or premade mixes, pick out the kind of cheer music that you want and then fill out the form. You will get your high-quality cheerleading mix on time and everyone will fall in love with your music. Not only will you have the best cheer mix of your competitors, you will have saved money, too. You can't beat our prices, but we know the sound you need to win. We have a background in competitive cheerleading and dance. Having won hundreds of big-name nationals as competitors, coaches and choreographers, we know what you need to earn that banner or bid.

We have owned our own multi-gym cheerleading program and have judged for the most prestigious events like Worlds and the Summit, to just name a few. With this experience, you can rest assured that our cheer music mixes will highlight your routine perfectly. Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because.

Louisiana cheer squads win UCA national, world championships

After many years in this industry it is refreshing to find someone so professional who is also great at music AND get this - on time! I almost don't want to share how great he is, because I truly feel like Mark is a gem in this industry. Don't forget us when you're booked up and busy Mark! We love using Cheer Cutz and hope to for many years to come.

Whenever anyone asks me where to go for custom music, I would never think to send them anywhere else but cheer cutz".We are proud to be listed as a preferred cheer music provider by USAcheer, and our service is 2nd to none! Your single purchase includes multiple tempos bpmbpm available for download immediately upon purchase.

A competitive cheer mix with lots of energy to help give you the edge for an affordable price. All premade cheer mixes include multiple tempos with your single purchase. Pair this with one of our other cheer mixes to make a spectacular split cheer mix. Skip to content. ALL mixes include licensing documentation upon purchase via email.

ALL mixes include multiple tempos at no additional charge! Rising to the Top A powerful cheer mix with flashy sound FX and uplifting voiceovers. Purchase Checkout Added to cart.

The Big Showdown A competitive cheer mix with lots of energy to help give you the edge for an affordable price. The Big Showdown A cheer mix with lots of energy to give your team the edge for an affordable price. The Big Showdown cheer mix with punchy fx and voiceovers. The Big Showdown cheer mix with lots of energy to give your team the edge for an affordable price. Rising to the Top Version 1 A powerful cheer mix with flashy sound FX and uplifting voiceovers.

Rising to the Top Version 2 The same powerful style as Version 1, but with a different ending. Care to share?Below you will find the most current list of preferred music providers.

uca cheer music

At this time no other vendors have been approved. This list will be updated as new providers are identified. Purchases made from a preferred provider of music that include any portion of a Legitmix product will not comply with USA Cheer Music Guidelines nor will music for which permission has not been secured from the owner of all the recordings and all the publishers. The use of any popular or third party recordings without licenses from the owners of the recordings and the owners of all the publishing rights, regardless of who sells that music, is prohibited.

The following companies provide cover music with the proper licensing to be able to edit the recordings as needed and create original songs and recordings to which you own or license the rights by written agreement. Browse their music library, create your own mix online, or have a custom mix built for you.

New music content will be added throughout the season; store opens June 13th. Browse our music library, shop the premade store, create your own mix online, or have custom music built for you! IPP offers both original and royalty free content that is properly licensed for use in cheerleading and dance music.

Their custom mixes are affordable for every team. Need music right away? Muscle Mixes Music has an extensive song library of Popular cover songs, fully licensed for cheer and dance teams. Browse our website and choose from our motivating tracks — old and new — or have our experienced music engineers build a custom mix just for you.

In a hurry? Choose from one of our pre-made mixes. Click here now to get started:. Available now for Cheer and Dance editors, schools, and teams everywhere are over 50, covers and originals of the biggest chart hits of today and yesterday and new songs added weekly!

Vocal and Instrumental bounce outs are made available to its clients. Let Power Music provide the cheer to your mix today! Power Music is also your source for the best Pre-Made mixes at an affordable price. Pick your mix, choose your desired time length, then buy as-is or customize with voiceovers and sound effects. A compliant license is included with every mix purchased. They also provide elements like isolated vocal and instrumental versions so you can isolate and accentuate exactly what you want to create drama and excitement for a winning mix.

Any original provider on this list, who includes existing recordings in the music they sell, to which licenses for the rights to use the existing recording and publishing are also not provided, will be removed from this list.

uca cheer music

You put hard work and incredible dedication into your performances, you want a soundtrack that is going to match that. Our mixes are sure to bring out your creativity, match your energy, and set you up for success.

Affordable price points for any mix to fit your needs. We are dedicated to bring your routines to life. With our extensive knowledge in the industry, we know that music is an important aspect of the routine.

We are proud to be one of the cheapest music companies out there and still maintain high quality mixes. So get ready for your music, set your routine, and Cheer! Contact us today for your award winning music. Owned and operated by Randy Dickey Gym owner and coach who understands the important of high energy, high quality, on time music at a fair price. Customer service is top notch. We call and email back!!!

Proud to be USA Cheer compliant and looking forward to creating amazing mixes for your program. Providing professional studio quality custom and pr- made cheer and dance mixes with complete customer satisfaction to ensure you with the big competition with affordable pricing.

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