Uniden washington parts

The type of scanner you will need will depend on the type of radio technology being used in your area. While all of our scanners are capable of monitoring local public safety, not all models are compatible with all radio systems. Our Optimization and County Programming services will take the guesswork out of setting up your scanner to listen to important local public safety information.

Spend more time listening to your radio, not programming it. Check out. Great job Bearcat will definitely do business with you guys again. I will share with my friend and family when it comes time for a new scanner. Thanks again for the stellar service. I had a long talk on the phone with Paul. I have always had a good experience with them. Paul got me taken care of quickly and shipped my new scanner to me. I knew 0 about scanners. Paul patiently spent time answering all my questions and directing me to a very impressive Uniden SDS He had it programmed to my needs, informed me thoroughly about the product, and shipped it from the MD to CA in two days.

Upon spending some time with it, I realized how amazing the product is and Paul really delivered. The ease of use exceeded my expectations. The sound clarity is amazing I have also made other buys one I can recommend is the programming you want, let them do it.

I will be a customer from now on. I will use bearcat warehouse again. I tried the scanner out with the rubber antenna and the long 15 inch antenna. But anyway, the scanner is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you. I called yesterday at lunchtime hand spoke with a gentleman to verify my items were in stock. I asked about special programming and normally it takes an extra day to turn around.

However, he ensured me if I got my order in quickly he would do everything he could to get it programmed and out the door yesterday.

Well, he did, I received it today, it works perfectly and I could not be happier. Bearcat Warehouse has We talked for a pretty long time. He guided me through scanning as I was brand new at it.

I'll be ordering my first scanner soon thanks to Paul! Thank you for your attention and professional service. I will recommend you to anyone that is in need of perfection. I have put the upgrade codes into my scanner and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot???? Have a great day over there!

Best Regards Tom". This page is dedicated for Videos and information relating to Police scanners.

Check us out on S ProVoice is a proprietary digital system that requires a special codec to receive that most scannA: Please visit www. Q: Why does my handheld scanner not stay fully charged? A: If there is any sort of glitch in the power, it will reset the charging dock. Therefore, the screen will continue to state it is charging.

uniden washington parts

Q: Where do I find a firmware update for my scanner? For example:. Q: What resources are available for learning more about my scanner? For older models i. At that time, we changed the chipset in our USB-1 cables. Newer last couple of years cables will work.

A: Unit is not compatible with Mac, must connect to a PC only. A: Check to make sure attenuation is not on. A: If favorites are being scanned, then systems or control channels may have changed, so favorites may need to be rebuilt. Try scanning full database to see if any trunking systems can be received. A: It means there are no channels programmed into the scanner. You will need to program your scanner in order to Unlock Scan mode. Start by pressing Hold. A: As long as it is only the LCD screen, please send it in for repair.

A: To program this scanner manually, you will first want to make sure that everything is deleted out of it first, like the preprogrammed states such as Alaska.

To do this you will want to turn off the scanner. While it is turned off you will push in and hold in the 2, 9, and Hold keys. Continue holding these down while you power on unit.

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Once you see all memory clear let go of all the keys. It will then ask you if you would like to restore the preprogrammed states in. Push the no key which is located below the 7 key. At this point your scanner will say, scan mode nothing to scan. Make sure that you go to radioreference.I was told that tr is the modulation limiter.

I was told that vr6 is for am power and vr 7 is for ssb power. What I'd like to know is the whole modification for the getting more modulation. Do you clip the limiter and turn DOWN the power? Or can you just leave the power alone and just clip the limiter? If I clip the limiter, will it harm the radio?

I also heard that r is the limiter. Is this true? Thanks alot. Do NOT cut the limiter! I had a hack of a tech do just that and my radio sounded like crap. It will not improve your audio, it will just "distort" it. If you are going to run an amplifier, you'll probably want to turn "down" the power on your radio.

If you are running straight, without extra power, I would not go any higher than watts on a. Remeber these radios were meant to run at 4 watts a. Modulation is- R, a. Use a good meter to get your readings and say "Ahhhhhhhdio" into the mic when adjusting. Use a plastic tool and don't clip anything. Good luck. Pete-ssbn C. Radio Online? Simple, if you need more power use a linear.

uniden washington parts

A clean linear on a clean unclipped radio. We don't need garbage in garbage out. Does sound right? Thanks for the informative reply.

I just wanted to make the audio a bit louder. I am glad that I read this as I had many reservations about cutting the limiter.

I may play around with r, but that's about it. Well, you don't remove any transistors. You can use a one jumper modification that will allow your radio full adjustment of RF AM power from 0 watt carrier to about 7 watts, with 19 PEP Bird Makes the audio sound pretty clean, too Changes the Bias on the "regulator" modulator so that it is more influenced bu the positive half of the audio waveform.

Makes for clean SSB! I know a few people who run 1 watt and turn up their modulation for maximum swing, and they do have loud clear audio. You could try turning down the power and turning up the modulation, I think that's what you are saying. Try it out and as long as you don't turn the power up, you should be ok. Top 1.What's the difference if any between the two models? North GA.

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Hope someone sees and can answer these questions. Sent via Deja. The relay chatter was a piss-poor design consideration, and can be fixed very easily. The great brains at Uniden used a tantalum cap as part of the filtering circuit for the final and driver's collector voltage feed. Theese things do not like RF at all. All you need to do is to replace it with an elecrolytic cap of near the same value. The cap in question is either c according to my schematic or c in my radio.

It's a little blue cap in the back, about an inch from the back edge of the board, and an inch and a quarter from the left edge of the board. It is located between two connection points that will both have white wires connected to them TP4, TP2 Just pull it and replace with the electrolytic, paying attention to polarity.

If you can't get the electrolytic, a ceramic cap will also be fine. If you need any other mods on one of theese rigs, email me, and I'll be happy to share them with you.

I've never actually owned a Washington, but I've had at least 5 or 6 radios with that same circuit board. On average, when tweaked and tuned and all that good stuff, one will dead key 2 watts, and swing 10 to 12 watts RMS on a Bird wattmeter. The audio is super loud, and very clean with a good microphone. Hope you are right that the older one is better.

uniden washington parts

Top 1. Spam Report. Red Wave Radio. Board index Citizen-Band. I know that they are both made by Uniden, but are they the same thing underneath? Buckaroo "". I have since learned that there are two versions old and new. Any one know about this and whether or not the older version is reliable or not? Are they pretty much the same in performance and quality? I am asking this because I just ordered a used President Washington base station and I don't know which version it is old or new.

Do the two versions look exactly alike? The one I am getting only has two pushbuttons below the channel knob, and one LED light above the channel knob, whereas the Uniden Washington has 3 buttons below the channel knob and two LED lights above the channel knob.Contact CB World! Our business is open and we are shipping orders.

Read more From all of us here, we wish you the very best. Uniden America Corporation manufactures a variety of consumer electronics such as CB radios, scanners, two way radios, marine radios, telephones, and more. Uniden is known throughout the world for their high quality products, especially the Bearcat scanners. About Us. Store Links. Customer Service. Get advice, hear about specials, and much more when you follow us on social media! Do you have questions? My Account. Orders Comparison list Return requests Wish list Track my order s.

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Track my order s. Sign in Register Email. Password Forgot your password? Register for a new account. Anti-bot validation. Sign in. Remember me. Cart Checkout Cart Checkout Cart is empty. Cart is empty. View cart. By Type. By Brand. By Vehicle. Antenna Parts and Accessories. Microphone Parts and Accessories. Radio Parts. Product filters Product filters Price.

uniden washington parts

Uniden Radios at CB World. Height 4, Length 13, Weight-G: 1, Width Availability: In stock.A: Radar detectors are currently banned in some states in the U. IDAHO — Radar detectors are permitted for passenger vehicles but prohibited for use by commercial vehicles.

IOWA — Radar detectors are permitted for passenger vehicles but prohibited for use by commercial vehicles. MAINE — Radar detectors are permitted for passenger vehicles but prohibited for use by commercial vehicles.

Uniden President Washington

OHIO — Radar detectors are permitted for passenger vehicles but prohibited for use by commercial vehicles. TEXAS — Radar detectors are permitted for passenger vehicles but prohibited for use by commercial vehicles. UTAH — Radar detectors are permitted for passenger vehicles but prohibited for use by commercial vehicles. A: Radar detectors operate with various sensitivity levels.

These levels determine the types of signals and signal ranges bands detected. Highway mode is the most sensitive level while City mode is the least sensitive. If the X band is left on in City mode, a radar detector can pick up many X band signals such as garage door openers that generate false alerts.

When you are on the highway, there is less chance of picking up X band false alerts, so the DFR6 keeps the X band on. Q: My detector is alerting K band when no law enforcement is around. A: One thing radar detectors are competing against for newer cars are the safety sensors.

Uniden Washington Owner's Manual

Cars that emit collision avoidance, lane monitoring, stop monitoring and similar features can set off the K band on the radar detector. To solve this issue, you can set the K band filter to ON, but this will lessen the capability to notify you to true K band alerts. Please take a look at these video instructions or follow the steps below:. Added K band Traffic Monitoring filter functions.

Visible alarms can be either a digital display of signal strength or a series of LEDs. Many detectors now offer alphanumeric LEDs which can show you the type of band detected along with its strength. Auto-Muting — Replaces a continuous audio alert with a single alert followed by clicking. This can preserve your sanity during extended radar encounters while continuing to notify you of the presence of radar.

Some detectors feature multiple sensitivity settings for city driving. Instead, they use GPS satellites to keep track of vehicle speed and provide warnings for when it exceeds a user-defined limit. Some detectors with GPS can also access a database of traffic and red-light cameras, so the detector can provide warnings when those cameras are imminent.

K-Band — The most frequently used radar frequency band: K-band made its appearance in The first K-band hand-held radar guns could only be used from a stationary position. K-band radar waves have a relatively small wavelength.

Depending upon terrain around a corner, over a hill, etc. The photo-cop system works at The FCC later expanded Ka-band radar use to a range of This became known as Ka Wide-Band. Unlike all previous guns, the Stalker can be FCC licensed for any frequency in the Ka-band between Stalker guns are being used in more than half the country. Laser — Police laser uses laser light pulses rather than radar radio waves for speed detection.

The laser speed gun has found its way into the hands of state and local police in at least half the country. The advantages of a laser gun are compelling: the laser light beam is far narrower than a radar beam, allowing more accurate pinpointing of a specific vehicle; and the time needed for capturing a speed reading is less than half a second versus 2 to 3 seconds for radar.

Despite initial claims that the energy from a laser gun is not detectable, it is. And as the laser beam moves away from the laser gun, it widens and becomes easier to detect.Page of 12 Go.

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. The speaker should be directed away from the microphone to prevent acoustic feed-back.

Physical separation or isolation of the microphone and speaker must be used when operating the PA at high output levels. When you receive the SSB signal in the proper mode, audio sound may be either too high pitched, or Iow pitched, indicating To turn the transceiver off, rotate the control counter- clockwise past click.

Rotate the control for a comfortable audio level. Page 8 6. Press the press-to-talk switch on the microphone and speak in the microphone in a normal voice level. The PA function should not be used unless the PA speaker is connected.

Frequency Control Frequency Tolerance 0. AM: Less than 0. The use of all solid state circuitry and its light weight result in high realiability. Should failure occur, however, replace parts only with identical parts. Page 12 This warranty is void outside the United States of America.

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